Rohan Asokan
Robotics Research Engineer(AI/ML)

Rohan Asokan, an AI Engineer at Perceptyne Robots, utilizes his expertise gained as an Undergraduate Student Researcher during his bachelor’s in computer science at the International Institute of Information Technology and his proficiency in Python, Linux, and multiple programming languages and related technologies, to develop cutting-edge intelligence for robots. He is a strong advocate for open source and was a Speaker at Academy '21 for his work with the KDE org. With experience as a Freelance Software Engineer for Algo mage, he has built an end-to-end AI-enabled smart cross-platform large-scale image culling app. He has volunteered for various causes with the Unalumed Foundation and Club Rise AD. Rohan has a keen interest in finance, and trading and is an avid reader of niche AI and neuroscience research.