Human like dexterity

Machine like performance

To make possible the next generation of robots for use in repetitive visuo-motor-tactile tasks.

The Gap in Automation Today

Even today, robots cannot automate many tasks that humans easily excel in. Robotic automation solutions are often custom built & lack flexibility.

We are building dexterous robots that fill these gaps in automation. Our Robots are sector agnostic and can be used in applications like product assembly, kitchen automation, packing, machine tending among others.

A human inspired approach to robotics

High Dexterity

Humans are flawless when it comes to object manipulation skills. Robots however, are far from being perfect.

Our technology uses tactile sensing and highly articulate hand to enable robots become dexterous.

Flexible & Easy to Train

Our solution includes a feature-rich anthropomorphic robot, physical reasoning engines and VR based training.

This removes the need for step-by-step programming, custom fixtures and re-engineering for each specific application.

Contextually Intelligent

Our approach of fusing lower level skill modules, physical reasoning engines and VR based training interface, imparts innate contextual awareness to our robots, which other robots in the market today lack.

Low CapEx

Our technology, relies on visual-servo allowing the robots to achieve human like functionality at a significantly lower price, opening new possibilities for automation.

A dual-arm robot configuration would cost upwards of $100k while we deliver the same function at a 10X lower price.

Perceptyne's Technology


Closed loop visual feedback to reach out and grasp objects significantly reduces need for precision actuators

Modern models for physical reasoning

Integration of 3D image sensors, tactile sensors, force sensors, with right frameworks to create powerful self-learning platform for physical reasoning

Highly articulate agile hand

15 DOF articulate hand with inbuilt actuators enables sufficient dexterity to grasp and manipulate any object

Novel actuators for Robot joints

Our novel actuators combine switched reluctance actuation with inbuilt gearing to give best torque density at low cost

VR Tele-operation based training

Integrated with VR & haptics to enable tele-operation based training instead of step-by-step programming

Tactile Sensing

High resolution tactile sensing + AI enables slip-free grasping and in-hand manipulation of objects

Meet the team

Raviteja Chivukula


IIT Madras EE'11

Jagga Raju N.


IIT Madras ED'11

Mrutyunjaya Sastry


BITS Pilani EE'08

Pradeep Madireddy

Lead Engineer

IIT Madras EE'11

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